This is the abstract of my talk at Devon Summit 2020 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Sign up for the event here

3 proven principles for speed and stability at scale
You as an IT specialist know what your customers want: they want solutions fast and they want them to be available all the time.
Speed & stability is what you need to offer.
Doing one of them is easy.
Doing both is harder.
Combining speed & stability at scale is even more difficult, unless you understand and apply 3 proven principles.

In this talk I will explain these principles based on theory and practical examples from companies he worked for like, Parkmobile and Kramp.

I will not tell you WHAT to think, but HOW to think. If you know how to think, you can choose the practices that work best for your people and your company. Whether these practices are scrum, SAFe, DevOps, micro-services or cloud computing, that does not matter: these practices will change over time, while the principles stand strong.

This talk will provide you at least 1 take-way that you can apply at work tomorrow. It might be more however!