From 2020 to 2022 I worked at Sendcloud where I helped scale the tech organisation to support the company’s growth with focus on the delivery organisation and people development:

  • From June 2020 to June 2022 we grew from 28 people in engineering and product to almost 100
  • We grew from 3 product teams, to 8 software development teams, 3 platform teams and a product & design team
  • We went from 5 people at our offshore integration partner to 35 engineers at 2 offshore partners


I helped AholdDelhaize to update their IT strategy for 2019. Today I still work for them as advisor and mentor. I work for AholdDelhaize via Riverflex.


At KrampHub I helped launch their new marketplace Maykers was built using a low code plaform on top of their headless e-commerce platform.


For Parkmobile I ran the mobile app development teams. During that time we worked on merging the the code base of different banners (Parkmobile, ParkNow and more) so we could generate apps from the core template.


I worked at as software engineering manager, introducing the personalised shopping experience. After that at I was responsible for the technical platform teams and helped introduce SRE teams and DevOps ways of working.


At Coosto I was CTO. I helped them scale by moving to a loosely coupled architecture, by developing the teams and by building a scalable platform.


I gave the founders of Absolute advice on their technical direction. I helped them get in touch with great developers and start building a new tech platform.