In 2020 I helped Sendcloud with the launch of their tech blog and engineering meetup. We did this with a few goals in mind

Personal development of our team members who write

Writing helps you think once more about you problem and solutions. It also helps you structure your thoughts. Also you need to think about your target audience and how you adapt your message to them and to what you want to bring accroess. The more people write, the better they get better at this all. In the end it helps you become a better engineer.

Personal development of our team members who read

As writter becoime better engineers by writing, the audience become better as well with the lessons shared. As a result the impact we make a as team becomes way bigger

Employer branding

By sharing stories and our engineering culkture, about problems and solutions, we tell who we are. Future colleagues can see in what kind of environment they end up wheh nthey join us. By sharing stories you make shore you are top of mind when engineers look for a new opportunity. As opposed to outbound recruiting (calling), inbound connections through great content, helps you to win in the long run.

Read more on the Sendcloud blog or watch on youtube

Checkout the result using the links below: