In all tech organizations I worked, I learned that the more people and teams you have, the more dependencies you have. As a result it feels like you are slowing down, even as you grow. You can have dependencies in several ways:

  • teams are not autonomous, because the people in the team do now have all knowledge and skills required
  • teams are highly dependent on others, due to tightly coupled architecture
  • teams who develop software are dependent on other teams to deploy and run the software
  • teams are dependent on other products developed by other teams

Team Topologies helps you understand the last two points. And it helps you and your team to design team strucutures and team interaction modes that you need for the best possible flow. For your inspiration I wrote a summary of the book based on the key-takeaways per chapter that you can download here. I think after reading the summary, you want to buy it and read the full book.