I keep track of my upcoming articles here. Just so that I do not forget. And just so you know what I have done recently, but still need to work out ;-) The following stories are upcoming:

  • this spring I presented at FallFast Leadership, a private, invitation-only meetup with techleaders
  • In May I presented at Women In Tech Amsterdam 2022, together with Sadhana Gophal, engneering manager at Shopify
  • Early July I hosted the first event in a meetup series called Speed at Scale, with talks on test automation, the roles of an architect and context & purpose driven development with Scaleflow
  • This summer I an writing a summary of the book The CIO Edge, I moderate it to apply to tech leads and will call it The Tech Lead Edge, available for download soon!
  • Coming autumn I will present at ISV Network in The Netherlands, where I will share and discuss the principles of scaling with a group of business executives